Conceived for industrial environments, DWR is a semi-automatic dispenser of self-adhesive labels in rolls, completely built in steel, simple to use, versatile for any type of label normally in use. Available in versions with width up to 100 mm or 200 mm.

The reel holder adaptable to any internal core, accepts coils up to 300 mm in diameter, thus allowing great working autonomy.

The reading of the label is done by means of two sensors that work in self-learning managed by the microprocessor, automatically recognizing the difference in transparency between the label and the backing paper, presenting the label on the detachment blade, almost completely detached. By taking the label, the next one comes out automatically. The control card also allows you to stop the rotation of the motor when the coil is finished or in case of paper break signaling the anomaly with an audible signal. An electromechanical sensor is available for the use of transparent labels and a pre-selection counter.

The use of the battery version allows to work for about 4 hours without power supply. Powered at 230 V or 115 V on request, does not require a separate power supply.






Label width: 15-100mm;


Label length: 15-600mm;


Speed: 10-15 m / m;


Coil diameter: 300mm;


Spindle diameter: 38-110 mm;


Power supply: 230Vac - 50Hz;


Power consumption: 30W;


Dimensions: 330x410x370 (H);


Weight: 9.7 Kg;



The TE200 series offers customers worldwide a competitive, durable, versatile and easy-to-use desktop printer. There are 4 models available.


The TDP244 offers at the same time reliability, durability and convenience, with a resolution of 203 dpi and a print speed of 108mm per second.